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My Vacation Card

Brief Description

My Vacation Card can facilitate easy traveling by consolidating all travel documents into one hassle-free card.

Purpose of the Invention

My Vacation Card can provide travelers and vacationers with a convenient, compact format, as well as a consolidated storage unit, for all travel information. This innovative product can resemble a smart card, similar in appearance to a credit card, that can be issued by a travel agent to the traveler or vacationer, containing all of the vacation data needed, such as airline tickets, hotel papers, and car rental information. The card can also be equipped with authentication mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access to the stored information. All travelers will appreciate the convenience and practicality afforded by this product.

Problems Solved by the Invention

Currently, when booking with a travel agent, vacation agencies commonly use electronic tickets. After booking a vacation, the traveler receives an email with a link that allows him or her to access the ticket. The ticket and travel information can be displayed in the form of multiple web pages, and the traveler has to print them all out to have the vacation information serialized in a format that allows him or her to carry the information during the vacation. Additionally, as part of vacation preparations, the traveler needs to make sure he or she has a hard copy of the flight information, hotel information, voucher, airline information, insurance information, medical information, and so forth. This can be highly inconvenient, as some of the papers may get lost or left behind. Also, if the papers become wet or otherwise damaged, they can be illegible, and not all individuals have access to a printer. An effective and simplistic solution is necessary.  

Detailed Description

My Vacation Card can assist travelers by providing a convenient and easily accessible storage format for their travel documents. This unique product can consist of a smart card, roughly the size of a credit card. On the smart card’s surface, the following information can be printed: the residence country of the cardholder, an emergency number, the card number and expiration date, the cardholder’s name, a distinct sign in case the cardholder has a medical condition that requires attention, a 2D code to allow interaction with smart phones, a customer service number and other information deemed as helpful for the vacationer, possible advertising, and the cardholder’s signature. The information stored on the card can be classified in the following categories: security data that will allow authentication and authorization for the access to the card, personal data that includes personal information and the address of the card holder and of his or her dependents that vacation with the card holder, passport information, vacation data that can include vacation reservation number, flight information, accommodation information, other services provided during the vacation information, rewards data from the vacation agencies, insurance data if the vacationer has vacation insurance, and medical data. The smart card can provide interaction mechanisms with other devices and applications through Application Protocol Data Unit (APDU), and it can also provide authentication mechanism to prevent unauthorized access to the stored information. The exact specifications and method of use of My Vacation Card may vary.

Image Info

FIGURE 1 Shows what the front and back of the card may look like.
FIGURE 2 Shows a woman using the card at a hotel.
FIGURE 3 Shows a man using the card while traveling.
FIGURE 4 Shows a man and a travel agent working out travel plans.
FIGURE 5 Shows a man using his card at a kiosk.

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