Micro Fresh-Tea System

  • Steve Ritmiller
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Micro Fresh-Tea System provides an easy, convenient, and quick method of preparing freshly brewed iced tea with its unique design of one flat side that allows it to brew on its side in the microwave. This "all-in-one" product is designed to brew, serve, and store the iced tea.

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Purpose & Benefits

Micro Fresh-Tea System is a uniquely designed, "microwavable" iced tea pitcher.
This innovative product will provide a quick and easy method for preparing freshly brewed iced tea by utilizing the convenience of the microwave. It also provides an "all-in-one" method to brew, store, and serve fresh iced tea -- all from one convenient container.

Problems Solved

Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world, outside of water, and approximately 85 percent of tea consumed in America is iced. Ease of preparation has never been a strong selling point for tea. In this nation that demands convenience, the Micro Fresh-Tea System provides a quick and easy method for preparing freshly brewed iced tea using the convenience of the very common microwave. In contrast to the more costly ready-to-drink- tea in bottles and cans, tea that is prepared in the home costs about three cents per serving. This product allows the user to quickly brew a fresh pitcher of iced tea whenever it is desired.

Detailed Description & Features

Micro Fresh-Tea System is a uniquely designed pitcher that provides an all-in-one method to brew, serve, and store freshly brewed iced tea. This innovative product utilizes the convenience of the microwave. It is illustrated here as a two quart size, although it can be available in other sizes as well. It will be constructed from a microwavable, clear plastic material that is durable and can withstand heating and cooling. The material will also be dishwasher safe. It is a cylinder shaped pitcher, but what makes this product unique is that one side of the pitcher is flat. The method of turning the pitcher to rest on its side is the key to allowing it to fit in the microwave for the brewing process. There is a removable cap that covers approximately half of the top of the pitcher. The other half is a splash guard that is part of the pitcher and will prevent the water from spilling out when on its side.

The cap includes a vented spout that will allow steam to escape when brewing. The flat side of the pitcher is on the opposite side from the spout. The handle is inverted on this side so it can lie flat when in the microwave. When turned upright the handle will allow the user to grip the pitcher to pour out the fresh brewed iced tea. Both the top and bottom of the pitcher have an indentation for the purpose of being able to grip the pitcher when it is resting on its side and placing it in and out of the microwave. The Micro Fresh-Tea System, when placed in the upright position, has a "fill-line" (approximately one third of the pitcher) to determine where to fill the water so that the water will not spill out when turned on its side and placed in the microwave during the brewing process. The pitcher also includes a second fill line to indicate where to fill the remainder of the water, after brewing is complete, to make an entire pitcher of freshly brewed iced tea.

DIRECTIONS TO PREPARE DELICIOUS, FRESHLY BREWED ICED TEA: Remove the plastic cap and fill water to the first fill-line, use about five tea bags for two quarts (can be adjusted to taste). The tea bags will be held securely in place when the lid is closed down over the strings as it is placed back on the pitcher (another option would be to incorporate notches or grooves in the side of the pitcher to hold the tea bag strings in place). Gently turn the Micro Fresh-Tea System on its side, place in the microwave, the tea bags will be immersed in the water in this position, and cook for approximately three to four minutes. Remove the Micro Fresh-Tea System from the microwave, turn pitcher upright, remove the plastic lid and discard tea bags, fill with cold water to the next fill-line and stir. Just add ice, sweeten to taste, and the iced tea will be ready to serve, or can be stored in the refrigerator to enjoy at a later time.

Image Info

FIGURE 1 illustrates the unique flat-sided feature of this product. FIGURE 2 illustrates the inverted handle on the flat side of the pitcher that allows it to lie flat on one side, while still being able to grip and pour when the pitcher is upright. FIGURE 3 shows the Micro Fresh-Tea System in the upright position (just prior to brewing), with the water filled to the first fill-line and the tea bags secured by the lid. The second fill-line can also be viewed in this figure. FIGURE 4 illustrates how the Micro Fresh-Tea System is placed on its side to easily fit in the microwave for brewing. FIGURE 5 illustrates a freshly brewed pitcher of iced tea prepared in the uniquely designed Micro Fresh-Tea System.

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