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Mango Holder

  • Ross Stephens
  • Utility Patent Issued


Mango Holder is a kitchen utensil that holds a mango securely in place to facilitate easier preparation of the fruit for consumption. The device also allows a person to obtain more mango flesh than other methods.

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Purpose & Benefits

• Facilitates easy peeling and cutting of a mango.
• Holds a mango securely in place while a person prepares it.
• Features tines designed to penetrate the mango seed to stabilize the fruit.
• Allows a person to successfully remove more of the flesh than other methods.
• Reduces the mess involved with preparing a mango for consumption.
• Decreases a human’s need to touch the inside of the mango’s skin.

Problems Solved

Peeling a mango can be messy, difficult and time-consuming. It is challenging to maintain control over a round fruit with a hard seed while peeling and cutting it. The process often leads to parts of the mango getting squished, which both creates a mess and drains the fruit of some of its juices. A person may also leave a significant portion of fruit on the seed or skin using traditional methods, which is wasteful and decreases the amount of fruit the user gets to enjoy. Additionally, the inside of a mango’s skin contains urushiol, a chemical that can cause dermatitis.

Detailed Description & Features

Mango Holder is a device that stabilizes a mango for easier peeling and cutting. The device comprises a pair of sharp tines extending from a grip handle. There can be a pommel in the handle at the opposite end of the tines, and a pair of tangs extending from the tines, through the handle and into the pommel. The device may be constructed from stainless steel, certain polymers or plastics, or other suitably durable and hygienic materials. A mango can be pierced by the tines, which can penetrate the seed. The device can be positioned so that the tines point upward and the mango sits atop them, secured by the grip of the tines. A person can then easily peel the mango and remove the flesh using a knife while the tines stabilize the mango and hold the seed. The tines may be of two different lengths, and spaced about 1” apart. The handle can have a steel core and an exterior made from a material that offers a secure, comfortable grip. The exact specifications may vary upon manufacturing.

Image Info

FIGURE 1 Shows a mango and the device.
FIGURE 2 Shows the mango being pierced by the invention.
FIGURE 3 Shows how the prongs can grasp the mango’s pit.
FIGURE 4 Shows the mango being peeled while held in place by the device.
FIGURE 5 Shows various ways the mango can be prepared.

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