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Beverage Box Improved

Brief Description

Beverage Box Improved can collapse down to a flat piece of cardboard before and after the beverage has been filled and then consumed.

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Purpose of the Invention

Beverage Box Improved can provide a new, collapsible design for cardboard beverage containers. This innovative product can allow production of the beverage in one factory and bottling of that beverage at another plant. This way, the beverage companies can have a more flexible structure and can reduce their operating costs, as they do not need to have the tools and materials required to produce and pack the boxes in the same location. This can also help beverage box manufacturers by allowing them to deliver more boxes using less space. Consumers will also benefit from this new design, as it can take up less space in their recycling bin.

Problems Solved by the Invention

Currently, beverage companies are required to have the technologies and process in place for producing their beverages, assembling the beverage boxes, and packing the beverage at the same plant. This may not allow the company to balance their resources, and may require them to move into a larger facility, which can be very costly. Additionally, the current design of beverage boxes can waste a lot of space during shipping and storing, as well as for the consumer, whether residential, lodging facilities, or restaurants, when recycling the box. An effective solution is necessary.  

Detailed Description

Beverage Box Improved can contain all different types of beverages and can be collapsed before filling and after consuming. This unique product can consist of a standard cardboard beverage container, such as orange juice boxes or other juice boxes, with creases along the sides and the top and bottom that allow the container to flatten when not in use. When flat, the container can expand to its normal size automatically when filled, eliminating the need to first unfold the box. There can be two different box designs. The first design can have a folding bottom, with a crease in the middle of the bottom from side to side. There can also be a diagonal crease and vertical crease on the sides that allow the boxes to fold, so that the left side and the right side touch. The second design can be triangular in shape, with the sides folding in at the top. The exact specifications, materials used, and method of use of Beverage Box Improved may vary upon manufacturing.

Image Info

FIGURE 1 Shows flattened boxes and normal-sized boxes from different angles.
FIGURE 2 Shows the triangular-shaped boxes from different angles.
FIGURE 3 Shows a stack of collapsed boxes.
FIGURE 4 Shows how the triangular-shaped boxes can be stacked.
FIGURE 5 Shows a transparent view of the box.

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