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EZ Mount GFCI-Arc Fault Receptacle

Brief Description

EZ Mount GFCI-Arc Fault Receptacle can increase the number of outlets on one receptacle, as well as make those outlets safer for use.

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Purpose of the Invention

EZ Mount GFCI-Arc Fault Receptacle is a surface-mounted device for converting a grounded or ungrounded duplex or quadplex receptacle into a 2-6 outlet, three-prong GFCI or Arc Fault protected receptacle. This innovative product can also provide simulated ground protection to a 2-blade receptacle complex by converting it to a 3-prong receptacle. This device can be available in permanent and removable versions. Individuals in their homes, as well as professionals, can use this product to quickly and safely modify their existing receptacles while also adding convenience.

Problems Solved by the Invention

Existing unprotected receptacles can present an electrical shock risk to users in proximity to grounded surfaces, such as kitchen sink counters, bathrooms, exterior receptacles, garages, and laundry and pool areas. Additionally, existing two-blade receptacles can present an electrical hazard and highly inconvenient when attempting to use an electrical device that is designed to be plugged into a three-prong receptacle. Also, bedroom, den, or living room receptacles, whether two- or three-prong/blade, can present a fire hazard when a lamp with potentially faulty components is being used by a person who may fall asleep during use or walk away from the room. An effective solution is necessary.  

Detailed Description

EZ Mount GFCI-Arc Fault Receptacle can be assembled with existing GFCI/Arc Fault circuitry that can be installed in a plastic, nylon, polymer body with blades and prongs extending from the rear of the device to facilitate transfer of electrical energy, as well as mounting and stabilization of the device. There can be buttons on the exterior of the device to perform test and reset functions. The device can be installed by removing the existing cover plate from a duplex or quadplex receptacle and pressing the blades and prongs into the receptacle’s slots and securing the center mounting screw. The non-removable or permanent version can be applied with a one-way, non-retractable mounting screw and micro barbs on the blade to prevent removal. There can also be an access hole to remove the original receptacle mounting screw at the top and bottom of the device. The entire device can be approximately 5 inches tall and can vary in width from 3 to 7 inches, depending on the configuring of the receptacle outlets. The exact specifications, materials used, and method of use of EZ Mount GFCI-Arc Fault Receptacle may vary upon manufacturing.

Image Info

FIGURE 1 Shows how the different-sized receptacles can be mounted.
FIGURE 2 Shows how a two-prong receptacle can be applied to or removed from an existing outlet.
FIGURE 3 Shows how a three-prong receptacle can be applied to or removed from an existing outlet.
FIGURE 4 Shows how the receptacle can prevent fires from igniting.
FIGURE 5 Shows some of the various locations in which this product can be used.

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